Way back in 1977 Rapido T Lusso picked up a guitar for the first time, in 1979 he formed a guitar and drums instrumental duo, out of necessity rather than choice.

Two-piece bands are popping up everywhere at the moment, the likes of now defunct White Stripes, The Black Keys and Royal Blood seemingly making the format into a genre in its own right. Fortunately for the Peak District, guitarist Rapido T Lusso .

2015 Rapido is making a comeback and continues to shatter any preconceptions of how a duo should sound, sharing more in common with Link Wray than any of the above mentioned

With a blistering repertoire of tracks behind him and numerous John Peel sessions in various bands, Rapido T Lusso Duo still manage to make a noise that would be impressive for even a four piece. An acerbic and blistering punk energy making for some of the most brutal garage rock around; the anarchic evisceration of the live show’s make it difficult to look away from.

So lets raise a glass and say yay to all ye musicians who have lived to tell the tale. And a final yay to having the common sense of an adolescent when you’re well into middle age. .

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